Aquarium style from Leo Angel

Leo Angel presents aquarium style FUSION©

Aquastyle Fusion© a combination of any aquarium design style and a few details that are inherent only in Fusion© style. Any aquarium, scape, Dutch or cichlid tank can be easily converted into an aquarium in Fusion©. Add just a few details, and you will get a completely unusual aquarium, not like any of those that you had before.

  • Leo Angel about Fusion©

    Leo Angel

        Creating my next aquarium, long time I decided how to design its surface part. Quite by chance, I paid attention to air plants - Tillandsia. I thought, why not use them in the design of my aquarium. No sooner said than done! And then it dawned on me! This is wonderful! Few did this before me! This could be a new aquarium trend! So Fusion© style was born!

  • Leo Angel about Fusion©


        Why Fusion©
    Fusion© - is a union, merger, alloy. Aquastyle Fusion© - is a combination of any other style of aquadesign and several details that define the Fusion© style. It would be wrong to say that no one has ever created an aquarium in this style before. But so far no one has justify the idea of ​​such a design as a new style.

  • Leo Angel about Fusion©


        The feature of the Fusion© style in the simplicity of its creation and at the same time in its beauty and unusualness. Everything that was created by me before now seems somehow flat and inexpressive. Only a few details and the aquarium shone with completely different colors. The surface part added volume to the aquarium. And the air plants of tillandsia are exactly that "cherry on the cake" that completed the composition.

Signs of Fusion©

Surface part

It can be any. It can be a phytofilter in a cichlid tank or just external containers with planted plants in them. Or simply driftwood with plants growing on it.
The aquarium can be open or with a top cover.
The only condition is that the surface part should organically fit into the overall design of the entire aquarium.

Air plants

Having decorated the surface part with these plants, you create exactly the originality that distinguishes the aquarium in the style of Fusion© from all others. Tillandsia can be attached to the aquarium by any convenient means.
There are no special requirements.
Everything to your taste and in accordance with your capabilities.

The secrets of creating Fusion©

  • Lighting of the Fusion©

    When calculating the aquarium lighting in Fusion© style you must take into account the presence of the surface part and the need to create the desired mode of lighting...

    Surface part of the Fusion©

    The surface of the aquarium in Fusion© tstyle, first of all, needs the right choice of plants and proper care for them...

    Tillandsia in the Fusion©

    Air plants Tillandsia are completely unlike anything else, which gives the Fusion© aquarium its unique beauty and unusualness...

Many problems are in the world, but not Fusion©

Gallery of Fusion©

Fusion© Gallery presents not only Leo Angel aquariums, but also everything that was found on the Internet.
If you also have aquariums designed in the Fusion© style and you want them to be seen by the whole world, make the pictures of them and send me a pictures.
I will definitely publish them on the pages of the site.
If you find photo of your aquarium in the Gallery and do not agree with placing it on this site, contact me in any way.

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